Exquisite Terror (Shadow Passions, #1-5) Julieta Hyde

ISBN: 9781458004109

Published: May 30th 2011



Exquisite Terror (Shadow Passions, #1-5)  by  Julieta Hyde

Exquisite Terror (Shadow Passions, #1-5) by Julieta Hyde
May 30th 2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781458004109 | 9.48 Mb

Exquisite Terror brings the first five Shadow Passions stories into one collection!Love of the Cursed-The powerful lust of two lovers outweighs the danger of their forbidden meetings. But, when family betrays them and they are put to death, will their spirits curse the one responsible?Love’s Dark Seed-When lust is too powerful to overcome, a vampire and vampire hunter must take to the road to save themselves and their love.Dance With Me-Philip is not quite sure why he signed up for a dance class on his own.

But a late night encounter with a mysterious instructor shows him that a passion for dance leads to passions of a more lustful nature.Another Night’s Kill-Even hired killers have to unwind, but when a late night rendezvous turns from lustful fun into a deadly encounter, will Ms. T’s skills be enough to handle it? Either way, she takes it on guns blazing and loins hot!Into The Deep-A late night boat trip out to the deep, blue sea lights the passionate fires of two new lovers. But their lust also wakens something below that wants to taste that passion.

Can they survive what comes for them?Anything is possible in the paranormal world of the erotic series, Shadow Passions.Look for more Shadow Passions stories and other works by Julieta Hyde.

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